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Panache2 Hairdressing and Spa offers the best in hairstyling and esthetic skin care

Find radiant, healthy skin and your natural allure at our comprehensive spa and beauty practice.

About approach to skincare is both holistic and clinical. She brings her talents as an esthetician, makeup artist and Holistic Reiki skills to her craft. Victoria’s clients are brides-to-be, busy moms, career women and anyone looking for natural stress healing.

About approach to skin differs from that of the dermatologist. Her goal is to bring your skin back in balance, giving you unblemished, even-toned, radiant skin.

She’ll help you understand how internal factors like lifestyle, diet, stress and external effects like seasonal change and the environment can impact your skin. 

Ming has a wide selection of the best in clinical and organic skin care products. Please feel free to schedule a complimentary consult to learn about the best treatment and home care available for your personal skincare needs.

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